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SMU Data Science researchers offer new tools to fight coronavirus in the United States

Data Science researchers in the DataScience@SMU program apply their skills to help map distilleries that are now producing hand sanitizer to meet demand during the COVID-19 crisis.

Career Outlook for Data Scientists

Across industries, there is a growing dependency on data and the systems that hold this abundance of information. As a result, data scientists continue to be highly sought after for their technical and analytical skills. For the aspiring data expert or the curious student, this piece covers the career outlook and range of salaries for data scientists in the United States.


Faculty Spotlight: Ginger Holt

Ginger Holt, who previously taught Quantifying the World in the online master's in data science program, answers a few questions about her focus on practical applications of data science in the real world, including her current role with Facebook’s data science team.

Faculty Spotlight: David Lary

David Lary, who teaches Machine Learning in the online Master of Science in Data Science program at SMU, answers a few questions about his passion for data-driven service, his extensive background spanning decades, and the benefits as well as advancements in machine learning.

Faculty Spotlight: Ira Greenberg

DataScience@SMU faculty member, Professor Ira Greenberg, is currently showing his most recent work, “Embodied Algorithm: [Re]embracing the Analog,” at the SMU Hamon Library Hawn Gallery. A combination computer science expert and traditional artist, Greenberg is conversant in coding and Cézanne, algorithms and abstractions. For this DataScience@SMU Faculty Spotlight, Greenberg chats about coding, art, his new exhibit, and why visualization is a skill that every data scientist needs in his or her toolkit.

DataScience@SMU Student Spotlight: Sam Coyne

Q&A with Sam Coyne, DataScience@SMU student. Sam discusses his key to success in an online program and maintaining a personal life balance that includes a passion for live music, working as an analytics specialist, and schoolwork as he progresses through the Master of Science in Data Science program at SMU.