Alumni Profiles

Meet a few of our DataScience@SMU alumni and learn how they've leveraged the skills they've developed in the program to advance their careers in a variety of industries.

Christopher Havenstein | Houston, Texas

“Since completing the DataScience@SMU program, I have continued to apply the data science skills I have learned in the program to my current job. While I was in the program, I was promoted to my current role as an integrated operations data science analyst. Also, I work as a machine learning teaching assistant for SMU teaching Master of Science in Data Science students Python machine learning skills and related concepts.”

Daniel Rodriguez-Gonzalez | Colorado Springs, Colorado

“One of the biggest takeaways from the program was learning where and how to apply specific statistical techniques. I have been able to apply this knowledge in my current role, and it has led to meaningful results.”

Ben Fowler | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Having a Master of Science in Data Science has provided me with a tremendous depth of knowledge in the field of data science. The multidisciplinary approach of the DataScience@SMU curriculum contributed to the development of my skills in coding, statistics and data visualization.”

Brayden van Ackeren | Bellevue, Washington

“I have used everything in this degree. While developing an API, I used the principles of databases, data transfer, data structures and networking. Post development, I have used the components of data visualization to improve our monitoring graphics so we can quickly communicate our systems health. I have been able to use statistical and analysis and data mining to pull information about my service to improve and place priority on my most in-demand features.”

Brian Mente | Dallas, Texas

“After graduating from the DataScience@SMU program my role in my company has moved more in the direction of developing complex solutions to internal problems and away from our everyday analysis problems, which has made my work more fulfilling.”

Carl J. Bryant | Allen, Texas

“Really get to know your classmates. Develop relationships outside of class. Everyone brings different career expertise into the program, and that is part of what makes the DataScience@SMU experience so unique. I was in class with people who had backgrounds in marketing, energy, journalism, technology and finance. My background and career focus is in cybersecurity. We were all looking to learn and apply data science skills to our specific domain of expertise.”

Kareem Williams | Raleigh, North Carolina

“The fundamentals of programming was the most valuable thing I learned in the DataScience@SMU program. Thankfully, I learned multiple languages during my schooling, and as a result, I learned how the fundamentals of programming can cross over to different languages.”

Rob Rivens | Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

“Professionally, I have leveraged much of the content I learned in the DataScience@SMU program by implementing transformational strategies in the fields of advanced machine learning and predictive analytics.”